Friday, January 11, 2013

New Quilting Art Goals

newest work...Going Home (Salmon to be added.)
When I was a teacher, every fall I had to write annual goals.  I found that process useful, so when I retired and changed professions, I decided to keep the goal-writing practice.  It has been a useful tool for bumping me along the road of my art career.
Here are my goals from the last couple years:

October 2010 to October 2011
  • Enter and be accepted into at least one juried show.  (June Poppies was juried into Quilt Fest at the LaConner Quilt Museum.)
  • Keep (and record) consistent hours in my studio.  (Spent a fairly consistent 20 hours a week in my studio...even when I didn't know what to work on...I cleaned, organized, spent time drawing until a lightening bolt struck.

October 2011 to October 2012
  • Be accepted into three juried shows.  (Farewell to Ruffles was accepted into the West Coast Wonders exhibit and shown at Long Beach International Quilt Show and Houston International Quilt Show.  Deep In December was accepted into the LaConner Quilt Fest and won an honorable mention.  Stars Dancing on a Falling Tide--my donation to the SAQA fund raising auction, was selected along with about 100 other quilts to be shown at the SAQA booth in Houston.
  • Study new techniques on-line, in workshops, through books, or my own experimentation.  (Experimented with a variety of applique' methods using everything from glue to French fuse.  Also spent time practicing, practicing, practicing free-motion quilting.
  • Make and sell patterns.  Made three patterns, Bull Kelp, Spring Poppies and Dancing Stars.  Sold two.
So now, for the coming year, October 2012 to October 2013
  • Learn how to sell patterns, ideally to a company that will do all the printing and distributing.
  • Be accepted into three juried shows, including submitting another quilt to West Coast Wonders.
  • Teach another class--I taught one class last year, but  think crammed too much into too short a time, which means people left without finishing anything, and that's unsatisfying.
  • Get WAY better at free motion quilting.
  • Post on this blog weekly.

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