Tuesday, December 17, 2013

What I am Working on Now

Our little rowboat decked out for the holidays

I thought I would have this quilt done in time for Christmas. I'm not a big fan of traditional red and green Christmas decore, but I liked the way our little rowboat looked when we decorated it to go moonlight rowboat caroling. Buttttt, i'm still working on the free-motion quilting, and when finishing was almost in sight, I decided to do free-hand feathers on the planks of the boat, which are looking really good, but taking lots of time, so looks like this one won't be ready until Christmas 2014.
What I am anxious to start is the quilt below--sea gulls feeding over a bait ball.  It is based on a photo taken by the owner of the Western Prince, Ivan Reiff.    I plan to do the entire piece in black, white and grays--hence my little cheater value chart at the top of the drawing.  I'm planning for it to be 60" x 48" with no borders.
I also want to do a piece for the SAQA traveling trunk show, but the requirement is for a piece 7"x10".  Even with my newest glasses and a pair of cheaters over them, I can barely see what I am doing on something that small, soooo, I might have to let go of that one.

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