Thursday, November 19, 2015

Traveling Art

Even though I've been in France for almost two months, some of my art pieces have been making their own journeys here and there.
 My piece, Requiem for 10,000 Trees has been traveling in a Studio Art Quilter's Association trunk show.    I've pretty much lost track of it for now through my shoddy record keeping.  Eventually, it is to go to the National Quilt Museum to become part of the permanent collection in 2017.  Two other quilts have been on exhibit at the Orcas Center--close to home.  One of them, Return to the Elwah, commemorating the ermoval of two dams on the Elwah River, sold during the exhibit for a pretty penny.
I haven't made a quilted piece in more than a year, mostly because I've been traveling and focusing on sketching. I have some pieces in my studio that are half finished, and when I return home, I plan to at least finish those two pieces before I start anything else.  ( Promise to self.)

And my largest piece, Farewell to Ruffles, sold at the Houston Quilt show a few years ago.  That has always felt very odd to me.  It sold, I got a large check from the Houston Show Organizers , but I have no idea who bought the piece or why.  I guess I should have exhibited it "not for sale", but I didn't realize until it was gone that I was pretty attached to the piece.  At least with the Elwah piece, I know who the the buyer is, and know that she is an environmentalist and advocate for Marine ecologies, so I'm glad she liked the piece and bought it.

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