Friday, March 3, 2017

SAQA's Call for Entries--Guns: A Loaded Conversation

Studio Art Quilter's Association, SAQA for short, has a new call for entries out.  The show is titled Guns:  A Loaded Conversation.  Apparently some SAQA members thought the topic was too controversial.  I am not one of those people.  Art has always played a role in social movements.  Gun safety and gun rights have been a hot top in our society for at least 30 years.  This is a timely topic worth exploring through Art.  SAQA has 3500 members in 37 countries, so I imagine this show will draw entries from multiple countries and represent multiple perspectives.

SAQA is encouraging artists to blog about the process of creating their piece for this show.  I often intend to document my process, but rarely do.  You'd think I'd remember how I did something, but I don't.  With most of my pieces, I'm inventing as I go, and a few quilts down the road, I can't recall how I help a million little pieces in place before I stitched them, or what, if anything I used for a base fabric.  Perhaps this time, with SAQA's encouragement, I actually will document my steps!

So, here's the beginning. This is the way most of my quilts begin--a hastily scratched out on a piece of scrap paper that makes no sense to anyone but me.  Honestly, sometimes, if the sketch lays around long enough, even I forget what I was thinking.

 Though this may not look like much now, I am picturing a light, bright center with many buildings--schools, movie theaters, shopping malls, government buildings, churches, mosques, synagogues, restaurants, and bars appliqued in an overlapping manner in the center of the quilt.  Surrounding the center I picture silhouettes of all kinds of guns--rifles, automatic and semi-automatic assault weapons, and hand guns appliqued on a dark background, and all pointing toward the buildings that represent our society.  My working title for this piece is A Clear and Present Danger.

The show is opened to any SAQA members.  Deadline for entry is October 31.  All the details are here:  SAQA,  GUNS: A LOADED CONVERSATION.

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