Friday, September 29, 2017

SAQA Benefit Auction Piece, 2017

Bread and Bike, 12"x12".  Donated to SAQA 2017 Benefit Auction.  Sold for $1000.
Every year The Studio Art Quilter's Association (SAQA) holds an online auction to help fund the organization.  They ask members to create a 12-inch by 12-inch quilt and donate it to the group.  Then, in the month of September every year, they hold an online auction.  The pieces start out on day one going for $1000.  Each day a quilt is not sold, it's price drops.  I hope my quilt sells before it hits the-bottom-of-the-barrel price.

For me, making the auction quilts are a good opportunity to try out a new technique or an work on an  image that I would like to make into a bigger piece.  Bread and Bike is one I hope to make into a larger piece this winter.  As my quilts go, with the exception of the bike, it's a fairly easy design--mostly straight edges.

A few years ago I donated the piece below, called Spring Wellies, to SAQA.  Since then I have made a larger version that looks very similar.  It's rather handy to work out all the design issues on a little piece first--small investment in both time and money, and then to make the larger piece.

Well, before I could post this entry, I got an email From SAQA with news about my Bread and Bike Quilt.  It sold right out of the gate for $1000.  I was stunned.  Pleased, but stunned!  Thank you Shirley Neary!  I could never make a $1000 donation to an organization like SAQA, so it's really nice to have my little quilt fetch a nice donation.



  1. Congratulations on the sale of your wonderful piece at the top price. You gave a marvelous piece to the SAQA show and it sold early because it is unusual and well executed. Brava!
    The title is grand.