Friday, May 17, 2013

Little Quilt for SAQA

Every year the Studio Art Quilters Association holds a benefit auction. They ask members to donate one 12inch by 12 inch quilt which they auction off in two separate venues: one on-line, and one at the Houston International Quilt Show.

Here's what the SAQA auction has taught me about donating art to worthy causes:
--A 12x12-inch quilt brings in about the same amount of money as a larger quilt donation, with far less investment of time and materials. So when asked for an art donation for an auction, i find myself working in this smaller scale.
--12x12-inch quilts are large enough to experiment with elements I might wish to include in larger works.
--The quilt name needs to tell the whole story, since an artist's statement is not typically included with the art donation, but the "story" can and does add value. This is particularly true with topics that have strong messages that may not be blatantly obvious.
--I donate art pieces because my work usually brings in more money than i could afford to donate to the cause or organization in cash.
--Rumor has it that donating art work "gets your name out there." I have not found that to be true.

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